First Day of School…I Mean Blog

pencilsI’ve thought of this time of year as special since I was a kid. It meant getting new clothes, new notebooks, new pencils and new schedules. It also meant going to bed nervous and forcing myself to wake up while my summer rhythm told me to keep hitting snooze.

In my adult addled brain I like to remember that this time of year held a lot of possibilities. Everything was new again. Anything was possible. I could be anyone I wanted. My page was erased and I could put anything I wanted on it.

The truth is that after a few weeks with the new teachers, things would settle down into a familiar routine. Everything was as it always was. My notebooks were covered in drawings, my jeans were faded and half of my pencils were either missing or broken. I went back to being who I really am, not some made up ideal version of myself.

With this new blog I feel sort of like I used to on the first day in a new grade. I’m a transfer student starting at a brand new school. There’s excitement and anxiety at the same time. I have so much potential. It’s time to show my best self. Be exactly who I hope I can be.

But I’m not so naive anymore. I know I’m not going to be perfect at this. All I can really promise is that I’m always going to be who I really am. I’ll be the me who is ME.

I’m hoping you’ll join me. It would be nice to have someone to sit with in the cafeteria.

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