Is It Fummer Or Sall?

FummerIt’s one of those in between sort of days here in the northeast. You know the kind…when the day changes from cold to hot and back to cold again. It seems like the world can’t make up its mind about whether it wants it to stay summer or drift into fall.

I find these the hardest sort of days to drag myself out of bed. There’s no air conditioner blowing, but still the bedroom is nice and cool. The sheet I used as a cover while it was hot has been paired with a light blanket. They work together to wrap themselves tight around me and nuzzle my neck. The word cozy was invented for this feeling.

When I head out the door to start my day I have to zip up my hoodie against the shock of the cool air. If I’m not driving I keep my hands in my pockets until the sun shining through the windows warms the inside of the car. By the time I reach work the air outside is no longer chilly.

At lunch I have to open the office windows to keep from melting. Then it gets so hot I wish I’d worn my shorts and sandals. How can I be stuck inside on such a beautiful day? It’s a miracle. Summer isn’t dead.

As the sun drops in the sky over the course of the day so does the temperature. That’s when it’s easy to remember that summer is only holding on by its fingertips. We’ll only have a few more days like this before fall settles in for good.

Part of me welcomes the change but mostly I’m sorry for how little I enjoyed the fine weather. There were lakes I meant to swim and boats I meant to row. I wished-for more vegan cookouts, homemade popsicles and grass to tickle my bare feet. Not enough of that happened. Plus… how could I forget to mention corn on the cob. I wanted more garden fresh corn on the cob…and tomatoes.

I guess I’ll have to settle for the crunch of colorful leaves and turtleneck sweaters. They’re good, but they can’t replace freshly picked corn on the cob.  I just have to think, it’s only nine more months until summer’s here again. Then I’ll make sure to go barefoot more often.

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2 thoughts on “Is It Fummer Or Sall?

  1. That’s the weather that we seem to be getting in MD right now. But lately it’s not been so much back and forth as just chilly haha

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