HarperTeen, 2012

Sometimes when I read a good book it makes me doubt myself as a writer. I listen to the eloquence of the words and I think I can’t do this. My writing will never compare.

 And then sometimes I find a book that sounds like a story I would tell in a way that I would tell it. It inspires me. I’m reminded why I love writing.

 The Selection CoverKiera Cass’ book The Selection is one of these latter books. She wasn’t a children’s literature major college and doesn’t have a degree in creative writing. She studied history, but she always felt like a storyteller and I can definitely relate to this. I have always had a desire to share stories. That’s what led me to writing.

I’d describe The Selection as a cross between Cinderella and The Hunger Games. It’s a rags to riches story, set in the dystopic country of Illea built up from the ruins of the United States. America Singer is a sixteen year old musician living in the caste separated country. Here, those in the lowest castes are kept oppressed without the hope of a better life.

 In her everyday life, America is in love with a boy named Aspen in a caste below her. Their hope for a happy ending together is thwarted when she has to go to compete in a semi-reality show with thirty-four other girls. They are all to be considered for marriage with the country’s future King, Prince Maxon.

 The story tells of America’s struggle with her love for her ex-boyfriend Aspen and the feelings she’s developing for the prince.

 I didn’t find the story to have a lot of surprises, but I loved the everyday voice of America as she tells her tale. You root for her and, like her, you’re torn between who she should choose in the love triangle.

 This book is a part of a series. The final book is called The Elite, plus Keira Cass has written an e-book novella that takes a closer look at Prince Maxon before he became involved in America’s life. This novella’s title is The Prince. You can read more about these and other works by Keira Cass at her website:

 I hope you’ll enjoy America’s story as much as I did.

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4 thoughts on “THE SELECTION by Kiera Cass

  1. limebirdkate

    Sounds like an interesting book. I like that you said you didn’t feel the book had a whole lot of surprises, because that’s what I wondered. Regardless of plot, if I love the voice and writing style of the author, then I’m willing to read it. Thanks for a great summary!

  2. You know, I don’t need a lot of surprises either. I re-read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE every few years and am always happy when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get together…oops…I hope I didn’t spoil that for anyone. Thanks for checking out my recommendation.

  3. Hi Leanne! I nominated you for the Liebster Award! I hope you’ll accept it!
    Here’s the link to the nominations and my questions:

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