LEGEND by Marie Lu

Putnam 2011

Marie Lu breakout novel Legend is a book that really stuck with me. I would read chapters at night, and then the next day I kept Legend_coverfinding myself thinking about the main characters and what was happening to them. That doesn’t always happen for me, but when it does I know that the author has developed something special. Marie Lu created a world that mixed itself with mine.

Legend is the story of June and Day, adversaries in the dystrophin future of the United States, told from dual perspectives. Each new chapter focuses on the opposite character but continues the story from where the previous chapter left off.

Day is a fifteen year old criminal in the ranks of Robin Hood. He does what he does to survive or keep his family alive. He becomes a shadowy hero to the people being held down by the oppressive government.

June is also fifteen, but her lineage and abilities put her on the other side of the equation. She is a prized prodigy who received a perfect score on the government aptitude trials at the age of ten. This earned her advanced placement in the military training programs.

When June’s older brother is killed, it becomes her obsession to track down the elusive Day and bring him to justice. That’s when their stories intertwine and will never be separated again.

I have to say that Legend is full of action and drama, with just enough romance to keep me turning the pages. It’s the first in Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy. The second book, Prodigy, came out in January 2013. I suggest you read the first two right away, because the final installment, Champion, comes out on November 5, 2013. You can read more about these books and learn more about Marie Lu at her website, marielu.org.

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