NaNoWriMo Update: Day 14

NaNoWriMo CrestThe NaNoWriMo “official” daily word count goal is 1,667 words. If you churn out that number a day you will most definitely finish your novel (or the first 50,000 words of it) in thirty days.

When I decided to try my hand at the challenge my goal was always to write a minimum of 2,000 words a day. It is sort of like how I paid off the Saturn station wagon I bought years ago. Instead of paying the $350.00 a month like I was supposed to, I paid $400.00. I owned the car outright long before expected.

Besides having the benefit of being able to finish before the thirty days is over, I also thought this would set me up nicely if something happened to derail my plans. I mean it is November. Everywhere I look people are coughing and blowing their noses. There is a chance I could get sick and not feel up to dragging my sorry self out of bed to write.

Also, being November, I was worried if I did not put some serious word count in the bank my full-time job may suck me away from being able to finish. My husband and I own an online retail company and we are heading into our seriously busy season.

I am not usually this on the ball. Normally I am a wicked procrastinator. But I hate…hate…HATE failing. The perfectionist in me would rather not even try if I am not going to succeed. That does not really make sense, I know, but that is how my mind works.

Just let me say that I am pleased to announce that I have banked 31,479 words so far. That is exactly 2,001 words today (cutting it awful close to the goal, I know).  As long as I do not catch pneumonia I think I may just carry this thing off.

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5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Update: Day 14

  1. That is an amazing turn out so far. You’re in the lead as far as the calculations go. You can do it!

    • Thanks! That’s my plan. I wanted to have a cushion in case something happens though.

      • That’s the plan I’ve been trying to keep to. Life likes to steal time.

      • You are doing NaNoWriMo too! I just saw it on your blog page so I added you as a buddy. Maybe we can keep each other moving forward. Good luck.

      • I’ve added you too! It’s my first time around and it’s an emotional rollercoaster but I love it. I’ll try and do some check ins to make sure you’re properly motivated. Thanks for the luck and same to you.

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