At Year’s End

welcome-2014I’m not going to do a year in review.

It reminds me of those long-winded messages shoved into Christmas cards that go on and on about the Girl Scout cookies the kids sold over the year OR how many exciting trips the family took in the RV.

Don’t get me wrong. In moderation, I love those things. Heck, I’ve even written those things (a few weeks ago…in fact).

But not today.

I think I’ve had enough looking back at 2013 for now.

I’m also not going to be making any resolutions.

I consider myself a writer. A yet to be published writer, but a writer nonetheless.

You can figure out what I want to have happen next year without me making any proclamations.


What I do want to do with my last little bit of 2013 is to wish you a peaceful & joy filled 2014. I am hoping it will be a great year for us all.

And so I say WELCOME 2014!

It was nice knowing you 2013. Try not to kick up any dirt on your way out the door.

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