Critique Partner Twitter Matchmaking Party!

CPMatch-daisies-BBThis is one of the best ideas ever. Well, it isn’t as good an idea as say the  smart phone or even a tossed salad, but it’s way up there.

Megan Grimit is hosting a Twitter Critique Partner Matchmaking Party on Monday January 20. (Begins singing “Matchmaker, Matchmaker make me a match” from Fiddler On The Roof).

If you don’t have a Writing Critique Partner or would like another, this seems like a great chance to rub internet elbows with other folks who may be just perfect for you.

Here is what Megan has to say about the Party:


(Dramatic, no?)

Ok, so here’s what’s up:

(I’m going grade school party invite for this one)

What: A chance to pitch your book to a bunch of like minded writers

Where: Twitter, of course!

When: January 20th from 10am-10pm EST

Why: Because it’s going to be so much fun!

But you’re going to need a few things first.

1. A twitter pitch (140 characters or less to include the #CPMatch hashtag)

2. A blog button, should you choose to spread the word and get more people involved. (See below)

3. And a few labels:

For the purpose of easy identification, please include (abbreviated for your convenience) a little about your critiquing style.

(Note: These are for how you critique others work, not what you need for your own.)

Do you get straight to the point- STTP

Fan of the compliment sandwich- CS

Are you brutally honest- BH

How about a good copy editor- GCE

Or are you more of an attention to detail type: ATD

Maybe a critique partner beginner: CPB

Plot hole hunter: PHH

Do you give great big picture notes: BP

Are you a few of these things? Go ahead and list as many as will fit in your pitch.

Need an example of a #CPMatch pitch?

Trapped among bleeding walls, psychotic passengers, and manifested fears,

can Olivia escape with her life? YA #CPMatch CS ATD

And come the 20th, simply search through the feed. If something looks interesting, DM the person and get to know each other a little better. See what you have to offer each other.

And I can’t stress this enough: SWAP A SAMPLE CHAPTER

You’ll never know if you really mesh well unless you see some feedback first hand.

DISCLAIMER: CP Matchmaker is a baby. Not just a baby, a wrinkly, screaming newborn. If there’s something you’re unclear about, email me, and I’ll try to answer your questions. Have a few extra label ideas? Lemme have em! I am totally up for any suggestions here. I want this thing to be helpful to as many people as possible.

And on that note. SPREAD THE WORD. Please. Pretty please, with sugar on top and ice-cream in the middle.

Tweet about it. Blog about it. Tell your neighbor.

I can only help match the people who attend.

So again, please. Help me to help other writers find their CP soul mates like I have.

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12 thoughts on “Critique Partner Twitter Matchmaking Party!

  1. This is such a great idea! I’ll help spread the word!

  2. I second that!

  3. this is so awesome! i’m also doing a “marketing symposium” bloghop on monday and will tout about this! hopefully will help get lots of tweeters!

  4. This is a great idea. I’m reblogging this post.

  5. Reblogged this on A Writer's Alibi and commented:
    Writers for writers, fresh eyes for a good critique, a match made in writer heaven. Join in. Spread the word.

  6. This is such a great idea! I’ll help spread the word 🙂

  7. This is a great idea! I’m sure heaps of matches will be made!

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