Gear Up For The April A to Z Blogging Challenge Now

Are you doing the April A to Z Blogging Challenge this year?

What is it? Well here’s what the hosts have to say:

“The April A to Z Challenge is “a yearly event that brings more than 2500 bloggers – a MEGA bloghop. Through the month of April, starting on April 1, we write 26 posts starting with A for April 1, B for April 2 and so on until we reach Z for April 30. Except on Sundays, to cleverly accommodate the 26 alphabets.”

Sign up at the link above or by using the badge in my sidebar.

If you ARE participating, you may want to know about the blog hop to get us geared up for the main event. It is called:

The Great and Powerful Oz A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

(pay no attention to the man behind the curtain)


Here is what you do to participate in the March 21 A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

“• Mark March 21, 2014 in your calendar – as the date on which you will publish a post about your theme reveal.
• Then, Sign up at the linky (here or visit host’s blog). Just add your blog’s home page link.
• Grab the gorgeous red badge above to add to your post on March 21, 2014 and link it to this post and also your sidebar if you like!
• Tell the whole world
• On March 21, 2014, publish a post talking about your A to Z Theme, telling us what your theme will be, and why it would be interesting for your existing readers and A to Z Participants.

This is a great opportunity for you to link up with other A to Z Challenge participants, and by the time the challenge begins in April, you’ll have an audience waiting for your posts. True that!

After you publish your post, come back and visit as many A to Zers as you can! Yup! Interaction is the name of the game!

Still frowning and wondering why you should do this?

Build your network – your AtoZ network – before April.”

Sounds great! I was on the fence about what I was going to blog for 26 days in a row until just the other morning. Then it struck me…but I’m not going to spill any secrets just yet.

You’ll have to wait until March 21 for my theme reveal.

You can follow my uber profound remarks on twitter: @LeanneRossRF

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6 thoughts on “Gear Up For The April A to Z Blogging Challenge Now

  1. I’ve signed up and am ready to unleash the awesomeness! Or rather the over-ambitious theme I have selected yet again. One of these years I’ll make it easy on myself.

  2. Yup, I need to hop on board–now that I can see straight. It’s going to be a fun event, eh?

  3. Thanks for the shoutout, Leanne. Welcome on board, and see you on the 21st!

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