IWSG – Curse Of Being An Over Achiever

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I’m not perfect. Far from it. I know this, but still…I set these expectations for myself that tend to get me in deeper than I planned to go. I’m not saying I am drowning here, but the water is too cold to let it be edging up here around my neck.

Here’s what I mean. I’m doing the A-Z Challenge Blog Hop this year. I’ve only been blogging since September, so this will be a new experience. Blogging daily isn’t such an unknown concept for me. I posted something every single day in November to go along with NaNoWriMo, but this will be different. The theme isn’t going to be sharing my word count and how I rallied myself to wake up by 4:30 each morning. I have come up with an actual topic that will take me through all 26 letters of the alphabet. I’m excited about my theme, but it is going to take a bit of research.

You would think that would be enough for me.

Well, it isn’t.

I then joined the A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal. It’s a great idea to get us A-Z bloggers started down the road to preparedness. If we have a theme squared away by March 21 that’ll just make the blog hop in April that much easier (and more social).

Then, to go along with the A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal I’ve been working on a new theme reveal for this blog. That has included countless hours on Photoshop making the perfect backgrounds and headers to express exactly who I am and what I want my blog to say about me (without having to say anything – you know the whole “a picture is worth a thousand words” shtick).

Plus, I have a full-time job and a full-time family.

And I’m writing the rough draft of my fourth novel.

And I’m late getting my IWSG post posted.

And my head is starting to spin.

What all of this information I’m laying out for you means is that I’m not really getting anything done. My boat is taking on water faster than I can bail.

The worst part is that I know I should be telling you that I have to give up something. If I want to get my A-Z post finished before April, I need to stop making new headers on Photoshop. My family and job come first, so I may not get ahead on those A-Z blogs. I have to focus on my book because that is really why I’m writing in the first place.

The over achiever part of me doesn’t want to eliminate anything. That is why it is a curse.

I can just say that March is going to be a very long month, but not long enough (Okay. Fine. I’ll quit playing on Photoshop).

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19 thoughts on “IWSG – Curse Of Being An Over Achiever

  1. You truly do have a lot on your plate. I was going to try doing the Theme Challenge but decided against it. I knew the A-Z would already test my resolve, I didn’t want to over extend myself. Best of luck!!

    AJ’s wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge
    co-host IWSG

  2. Busy girl!! Being an over-achiever is tough. I’m not one, but my high school daughter is. It’s sometimes painful to watch her in action. Remember, while you’re over extending to take care of yourself. 🙂

    • I agree about it being painful to watch because I think I’ve passed on my tendencies to my daughter.

      Forcing myself to give up something is the only way I’ll cope. I’m amazed how rarely I get sick (knock on wood).

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I need a nap after reading your post! 🙂 I think prioritizing and letting some things go is going to be the best way to help you focus. But that’s just me. Some people thrive on the stress and the multi-tasking. Do what works best for you. 🙂

    • I need a nap Too!

      You are right. I can’t do it all. I am not going to launch a new blog theme yet. It will go on the back burner and maybe I will update in May (something to shoot for).

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Yes! Overachievers, unite! One day at a time, eh? I tend to over schedule like that too, and then the only way I can survive it is by keeping a writing calendar and breaking down all these giant tasks into bite sized pieces. April is going to be epic. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

    • Ohh! I love the idea of of a writing calendar (something else for me to make). I guess scheduling in writing time is about the only way I’m going to make it happen.

  5. Diane Burton

    I know that people who do a lot get a lot done. Please don’t burn yourself out. Good luck with all you have planned.

    • That’s true Diane. I do get a lot done. But I also let more things slide that I like. Priorities is key here. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Welcome to my world!
    Want to write some A to Z Challenge posts for the IWSG site and A to Z Blog as well? I can hook you up.
    Somehow we’ll both manage to get it all finished.

    • Oh no! You need to blog TWICE as a host of the A-Z Challenge? Eek. Uhm. No thank you very much. Good luck with that Alex. Seriously.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one with so much going on, besides trying to get some writing done that is.
    I’m looking forward to the A-Z Challenge, and seeing as March has crept up on me I’d better get my organising head on for it.

    • I’m so excited about the A-Z Challenge too. I’ve got the topic for each day, now I have to write them out. Hoping it happens before April. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. A-Z takes a lot of time, but is so worth it. It’s an excellent thing to do when you are new(ish) to blogging because you will make tons of new bloggy friends. Last year, I didn’t have my posts pre-done and it was tough, but rewarding. I found the real time-eater was commenting and reading so many blogs as the challenge went on. Still, it’s a great way to launch a blog and you will probably be motivated to write, too. I know how hard it is to juggle family, full time employment, and the writing life, but some folks get more done when they have more to do. Good luck.

    • Reading and commenting IS always the big time eater for me during IWSG. I imagine the A-Z is going to be the same.

      Thanks for commenting!

  9. lonitownsend

    Ha! I think it’s awesome you’re trying to tackle all of that. I look forward to seeing you on both A-to-Z challenge blog hops, and to see what amazing graphics you whip out. 🙂

  10. Yeah, it’s hard. We all have good days and bad ones too. The key to A-Z is organization. I think I’ve almost got my theme down so that’s good. Don’t fret. 🙂

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