Tweaking the Ambiance

I was never one of those people who need to move their furniture around to see how it looks in a different place. My couch is exactly where I put it, give or take a few inches, when we bought our house 15 years ago.

In that time I HAVE added to the ambiance of our home with my artwork, McCoy pottery, an “L” stick collection or two, and even a tumbleweed.

When I figured out that I wasn’t happy with the way my website felt, it wasn’t really a question of moving stuff around or getting rid of anything. I just wanted to add to what I already loved.

That’s what I think I’ve done. It’s still me…but even MORE SO.


The new website design is one of the free themes from WordPress. I have tweaked it a bit by adding my own background and page headers. It’s supposed to be based on my writer’s desk, though no where near as messy.

I wanted to make the big REVEAL before the A to Z Blog Challenge Theme Reveal Blog Hop on Friday (Please come back for that). So, I guess it’s kind of like getting new carpeting before the relatives come over for Thanksgiving dinner. HA!

Please feel free to take a look around. Maybe you can even hangout a while and put your feet up, but not on the furniture, please…some of it’s new *WINK*.

If you usually only read my posts via email, I hope you’ll make an exception and come by for a real visit.

I’m so excited by all the work I’ve done. Photoshop has been my obsession for the past few weeks. Now every page on the menu above has its own header.

I hope you like it!


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2 thoughts on “Tweaking the Ambiance

  1. It’s beautiful!

    • Oops. I replied to the other post with the same comment (edited). Sorry. I thought there was something strange happening. Turns out to be what it usually is. I wasn’t paying adequate attention.

      So, thank you for your kind comments Loni.

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