My A to Z of Pride and Prejudice – Letter H

A2Z-Pride-and-PrejudiceThe April A to Z Blogging Challenge  is a month long event where I, and more than 2000 other bloggers, will post every day of the month (except Sundays) using a different letter of the alphabet. The theme of my posts will be “What I Love About Pride and Prejudice.” Click the link above or the A to Z badge in my sidebar to visit other participants.


H is for Historical

I read all sorts of books. Of course I have my favorite genres, but I’m not opposed to anything that is well written and draws me into the story. I need a good story. That is what I always liked about history (save memorizing dates…ugh). History is really just “his” – “story” being told (or her story, but it doesn’t fit as well here).

When Jane Austen wrote Pride & Prejudice she wasn’t composing history. In fact, there wasn’t even much back story set up at the beginning of the book. What we learn of this fictitious family on the first few pages is that there are plenty of daughters who could benefit from marrying well.

In regard to real history or even events of the day, the only thing in the book that could lead us to take note of the French Revolution is the militia that sets up in Meryton. I would bet Jane Austen wrote this story as an escape from the troubles of the time. It is a light, love story that she used to entertain her family long before it ever saw publication.

regencyAlso, this was a contemporary story when it was written and first read (it feels strange to call Pride & Prejudice contemporary). It reflected the life of the landed gentry of England at the time. It is what Jane Austen knew. Now, we can use it to see how these folks lived in the 19th century.

Though it wasn’t her intention, in a way Jane Austen did write a history for us today. Only, it is more of a His and Her Story.

What are your thoughts on Pride & Prejudice as a piece of history?


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17 thoughts on “My A to Z of Pride and Prejudice – Letter H

  1. I think it’s great for looking back, it’s a piece of fiction that gives us a real glimpse into how that society was due to the fact it was written by someone of that era. Great post again! 🙂

    • Exactly. We can ‘guess’ at what it was like to live our lives in a different time period. We cannot know. Jane Austen knew the Regency Era.

  2. I’ve learned a lot about Regency England from Jane Austen. I read an annotated Pride and Prejudice that was quite informative, too.

  3. Liz Blocker

    It IS funny how novels become historical by pure accident – really just because of time passing. Now, her books are a great insight into a period of time.

    • I guess that’s why as writers we have to be true to our story’s setting….even if it is a fantasy. Who knows? Down the road someone may use it to explain how we lived at the turn of the century (that’s a scary thought, isn’t it?)

  4. Yes, it most definitely is a piece of history. Historical fiction has always been one of my favorite genres. My debut book is historical fiction 🙂

    • I am amazed when writers, like yourself, can find the feel of the past to put it into words. Making it sound correct is a challenge, I’m sure.

  5. HI, just found you through the A to Z.

    Never really thought about P&P like this but it is a great way to preserve a slice of history. 🙂

  6. I like the way it looks at individual people giving little insights to everyday lives.

  7. That’s half the reason I fell in love with Dickens, because it was a window into another time. I read Austen the same way, but she doesn’t provide quite as many details of the day to day parts of life.

    • I can see that. Dickens told the stories of people from all walks of life. Austen focuses on the gentry, who aren’t supposed to have occupations. Thanks for commenting Crystal!

  8. Like Austen I too like to escape the troubles of the world by writing fiction. It’s still there just not the focus. Great post Leanne! I’ll be back. A to Z Participant: ME!

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