Go take a hike!

Moms2This past Sunday was Mother’s Day (duh) and, because I’m the mother, I got to pick the family activity. It was going to be a really nice day here in the northeast so I thought we should do something outside. After a bit of research online I found a short hike within ten miles of our house that would lead to a waterfall. I was stoked because I come from a thick rural upbringing and we live near a sprawling urban metropolis. In my mind, the words waterfall and city don’t belong in the same paragraph.

I rallied my troops (husband and daughter), filled our water bottles and we drove to the trail-head. With the trail directions downloaded to my ipod touch (wouldn’t Lewis & Clark have loved technology?), I called out to our leader (husband) when it was time to follow the colored markers onto a different trail. We were doing well. Things were going just like the directions said, “cross a small brook and then turn left just past the pond.” Once we walked a bit further we were to come to a wider brook.

I think the term “wider” is what threw me.

This brook wasn’t just wider. It was a LOT wider. The constant rain the day before probably didn’t help much in that department. There were rocks big enough to step on, but the water was so high it covered them. We spent thirty minutes walking up and down the bank trying to find an easier place to cross. There were narrower spots a bit uphill, but the current was really strong there. My husband attempted to leap across, but lost his footing and stepped right into the water

There was no way around it. We were going to get our feet wet.

My daughter and I decided to go back to the wide, but shallow section where we started. We walked on the rocks as best we could. Our shoes were soaked when we climbed up the other bank.

I pulled out the directions to see which way to go next, but it said we were to follow the red markers uphill. There were no red markers. There were only blue markers. I scanned backwards to see what was wrong. That’s when I noticed my mistake. The directions said that we would come to a wider brook. They never said to cross it.

After we laughed, my daughter called out “YOLO” (I love her for that) and stomped back across the stream. My husband and I followed.

We made our way up the trail that ran right beside the brook. There was a rather pretty little section where the water dropped about three feet. It sprayed a bit of cooling mist and churned out a relaxing sound. It was a great place to drink some water so we could gear ourselves up to find the real waterfall.


Our own Niagara Falls

But it turns out that WAS the real waterfall.

The rest of the hike involved climbing another half a mile up the hill, crossing the brook at the top (more water in the shoes) and then coming back down on the other side to form a loop. I bet you can guess where we were to cross the brook at the bottom (HA!).

It was a fun and wet shoe filled day…topped off with take-out Chinese food. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

I hope you had a great Mother’s day even if your feet stayed dry.

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2 thoughts on “Go take a hike!

  1. Those are the kinds of hikes you remember. Even though the waterfall was not what you expected, it became a family moment you will laugh about for a long time.

    • Shell we’re STILL laughing about it. I’m so glad no one got upset. Mother’s Day could’ve taken an ugly turn (up the hill😝).

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