Dutton Books, 2012

The_Fault_in_Our_StarsI don’t feel I need to write a recommendation for The Fault In Our Stars. If you enjoy YA and don’t live under a huge rock, you likely know all about this book and the box of tissues you should buy along with it. I’m ONLY writing this because I want this amazing title in the Recommendation section of my blog. That and because it’s timely. The movie comes out on Friday people.

John Green’s writing has the wit and charm of someone who has spent their life making smart people laugh. Plus, he gets into his characters and makes them real. He crammed all this wit, charm and realness (word?) into his protagonist Hazel Grace Lancaster.

Hazel is a sixteen year old girl that classifies herself as a cancer kid. She’s resigned to the fact that she’s dying. There is no way around it. Imminent death is the focus of her life…until she meets Augustus Waters. The romance that follows doesn’t take away her worries. It just makes her focus on the “life” part of her life more than she did before.

Besides the clever writing and moving story, here are the Top 10 Reasons I think you should read The Fault In Our Stars (and then go see the movie):

  1. Hijacked wishes

  2. Augustus Waters Fetish (it’s a thing)

  3. Side effects

  4. No eggs at breakfast

  5. The beautiful couple is beautiful

  6. Orange Picnic

  7. Infinities big and little

  8. Metaphoric cigarettes

  9. Fourteen to remember

  10. Okay? Okay.

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