Coming Clean

soapI’m not a fan of taking a shower. Getting wet each morning just isn’t appealing. I’m supposed to climb out of my cozy bed, stumble into a cold or hot bathroom, drench myself in cold or hot water, re-emerge into the now humid space and then try to get dry.


Oh don’t get me wrong…I do it. Sometimes I stretch out the days between the events, but that’s usually in the winter. These summer days where the shirt sticks to my back makes me rush to the cool water.

I bring all this up because this morning I was thinking about clean hair and about my writing.

As much as I dislike the routine of showering, I enjoy my hair being clean. I like the way it smells, how it feels running through my fingers and even how it misbehaves. It dries naturally a bit fluffy, with waves next to my face. No flowery products are needed.

When my hair is dirty it feels weighed down. The thin areas seem to show. I never feel confident.

I will take clean hair over dirty any day of the week.

This also applies to writing.

CLEAN writing is the stuff we all love.

When I read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I was astonished. Okay. Yes. The story was mind blowing, but the thing that struck me the most was the way she used words. Ms. Collins’ writing is so clean and crisp you could butter your bagel with it. She doesn’t weigh down the story with flowery language that doesn’t need to be there. She cuts to the point.

Maybe I should do that now.

I want my writing to be clean. I want to smell it, feel it and watch it misbehave. I won’t worry about thin areas. I will feel confident when it is out in the world.

And I know how to make that happen.

It’s routine.

Like taking a shower every day to get clean, writers have to write on a regular basis. Clean writing comes from pushing ourselves out of that cozy bed and getting wet. Otherwise we’ll be shoving a colorful baseball cap over our story’s ears just so it can be seen in public.

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Take Care,   .·*´)
(¸ .· ´      (¸ .·´Leanne


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4 thoughts on “Coming Clean

  1. Clean writing! I like it 😀
    Fun analogy lol

  2. If we could only put our creations into the shower and tidy them up so neatly. 🙂

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