Made Up Words

Today marks the one year anniversary of the day that I first posted on this blog. When I decided to celebrate this little milestone, I thought I should use the correct terminology. Originally I was going to go with calling today my blog’s birthday, but that didn’t seem right. Birthday implies that something was born. While I did ‘labor’ over the different posts (some more than others), the blog most certainly didn’t experience a birth.

Searching the internet, I stumbled upon the term blogiversary. I have to give it up to the veteran bloggers who came before me because that word pretty much sums it up. I’m glad that I’m so new to this business that making up that word didn’t fall on my shoulders.

1cupcakeIt did get me thinking though. What’s with all the made up words flying around?

Blogiversary is pretty straight forward. It is what it implies, an anniversary of a blog. But, since it is so in our current lexicon I thought I would ask, are you aware that blog is a made up word? I type my posts in Microsoft (made up word) Word before transferring them to WordPress (yes, another made up word) and every single time the software draws the little red squiggly line under the word blog. The word is really an abbreviation for the term web-log. Imagine. Someone actually got winded from saying web-log and they had to drop the first syllable.

There are other made up words that are two thoughts being brought together like web and log. The folks on television have been trying to get us to embrace ‘edutainment’ for a long time now. I think it’s sort of like moms burying chopped spinach in the spaghetti sauce. We’re going to be fine having something that is good for us if we can enjoy it.

A newer one I’m hearing is ‘cramazing.” If something is so extremely wonderful that is makes your mind race you might think to say it is crazy amazing, but you don’t have to. Someone somewhere has done you the service of inventing the term cramazing for just that occasion.

Of course the list can go on and on, but I don’t think I will. I’ll just add that of the made up words I’ve used in this post, only edutainment does not have a red squiggly line under it in my Word document (well, I should mention that Microsoft is clean as well). To me that means that edutainment has actually become legit. Who knew?

I hope you found this blogiversary blog post cramazing and just a little bit edutaining!

Take care,


P.S. To note the year long accomplishment, I’ve decided I will do a reblog-a-thon (yikes, another one) of some of my  favorite book recommendation posts from the past year. Look out for them during the next seven days. Enjoy and thanks to all of you who follow me and my web-log.

P.S.S.  I’m also on Twitter, Pinterest,  Google+, Tumblr, & through Email!

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