Did We Skip Summer This Year?

Okay. So now that it’s officially autumn I have to ask, what happened to summer?

When I taught school it was always so clear cut. In the south, school was over in May and classes started back up in August. Here in the north, we ran until the end of June and didn’t return until after Labor Day. That in between time where everyone hung out at the town pool and caught fireflies and stayed up way to late was SUMMER.

Now in the REAL world (aka known as owning our own business) it’s not so obvious. I homeschool my daughter, so we don’t really wind down any time. Summer pretty much just starts on the ACTUAL beginning date. We say, “Oh, it’s summer,” wear shorts and flip flops and curse the heat.

Did-I-miss-summerI did wear my share of shorts over the last few months and today is the first day I’m out of my sandals, but I did a lot less cursing the heat this year than usual.

I mean, normally here in the northeast we have blazing hot months where I have to walk around with my arms extended to avoid any excess body heat. This year I remember wearing a hoodie in July. Yes! In July.

There was a major run on heat in the middle of August, but that was it. For some reason I feel cheated. Where is all this global warming they keep promising us (just kidding)?

I guess I’ll just have to curse something else…hmm, when does winter start?

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2 thoughts on “Did We Skip Summer This Year?

  1. I hate to say it, but from your post I think you did miss summer. It must have come up here (Canada) and cooked us good and proper. I did I bit if swearing for both of us, hoping that’s a comfort. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    • That IS a relief. I can now enjoy the fact that were were comfortable all season long knowing you kind hearted Canadians had our back. Thanks Anna and feel free to curse the cold for me as well. HA!

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