Charlie Brown Expletives


I started using that expletive back when I was teaching school. It’s fairly docile and it would come in handy for all manners of problems (like having something to yell when you slam your finger in a drawer). It also had the added benefit of not being a curse word, but I particularly liked it because it always reminded me of Charlie Brown.


Illustration by Charles Schulz

When I was a kid Sunday meant reading the comics. First Dad had to read the entire newspaper. Once he was done it was a free for all as my brothers, sisters and I raced to get a set of hands on those colorful pages.

On my turn I would read all my favorites. There was Cathy, Beetle Bailey, Hagar The Horrible, For Better Or Worse and even Family Circus. Much later I fell deeply in love with Calvin and Hobbes, but when I was a kid my absolute favorite comic strip was Peanuts.

Its-The-Great-Pumpkin Charlie Brown

I always LOVED the witch mask, but wondered why everyone just wore a sheet as a costume. Illustration by Charles Schulz

“I got a rock” – Charlie Brown


It was probably the animated holiday shows on TV that caused me to love this comic as much as I did. Every year my family watched Charlie Brown pick out the spindly little Christmas tree. We saw him try to make a Thanksgiving feast out of popcorn and toast. We waited for the Great Pumpkin right along with Linus and Sally. Peanuts was a part of my childhood. I just didn’t realize it was a tradition that helped shape how I express myself.

I bring all this up because the other day I noted that one of my sisters, who happens to be a teacher, also uses a Charlie Brown Expletive. When she’s frustrated or close to anger her term of choice is GOOD GRIEF! She’s said it for so long I’ve never even thought about how it relates to the comic strip. It seems our shared childhood was equally influenced by Charles Schultz.

charlie brown_good grief

Illustration by Charles Schulz

You are, indeed, a good man Charlie Brown.


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10 thoughts on “Charlie Brown Expletives

  1. As a kid i always loved Charlie brown cartoons. I used to have a collection of books of the comic strip. Typically, though, I didn’t say “Rats!” very often. Charlie Brown/Schulz was a very good man.

  2. Here I was looking at Halloween blogs and you’ve already started making me think about Christmas.

  3. Awww love Charlie Brown! And “Rats!” is one of my favorites 🙂

  4. Keebles

    It’s funny how we do that! I do the same thing, only with Disney stuff! I say ‘Hades’ a lot as well as ‘Walter Elias Disney’. It keeps me from going off the deep end and embarrassing myself to death because I have a potty mouth by nature.

  5. I love them too, mostly for the same reasons you’ve stated. Nice to look back and remember those moments though. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

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