My Computer Went Down, Down, Down In A Burning Ring Of Fire

computer-on-fireWell…not exactly. It did crash though.

A few weeks ago a strange message came up on the screen that said one of the files on my computer was corrupt. That program didn’t seem to be effected, but I decided to re-boot the machine anyway. Then it turned out my entire drive was showing up corrupt. In other words, it wouldn’t start again.

And the thing is, I am uber careful about sites I visit or emails I open. Norton Anti-virus and I are on a first name basis. How or why my computer died is a mystery.

So we’ve been trying to salvage anything we can from the hard drive. Luckily I have already been backing up my books onto jump-drives. Now I just need to back up the jump drives. The thing that KILLS me is that for more than a year I have been filing away emails from writing blogs that I knew would help my writing. Those are all gone. So are all the bookmarks for websites and graphics I created for this site.

It just hurts so much.

I wanted to let you know why I was missing from the blog. This is coming to you from a borrowed computer. Technically I could have posted on my phone, but I can’t stand typing in more than the 140 characters a post for Twitter allows on that thing. A full-blown blog entry would exhaust me.

I have been reading an unusually large amount in the absence of my typing ability. So, look for some book recommendations in the next little bit.

Take Care and Stay Warm,


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11 thoughts on “My Computer Went Down, Down, Down In A Burning Ring Of Fire

  1. Ouch, that sucks. I hope you’re back up and running soon.

  2. Loni Townsend

    Egads. That ain’t fun. Hope you get a new setup soon.

    I might recommend using Google Chrome if what you lost are bookmarks. Chrome allows you to log in to the browser and keep your data synchronized. So if I install Chrome on a new computer and log in, it adds all the bookmarks I have under my account. Just a thought.

    I tend to keep all of my graphics (and writing) in Google Drive or Dropbox, since I’m usually switching between my work PC and my home desktop and my laptop. It’s too precarious to carry around a thumb drive when there’s a 19-month-old ready to chew on it at any moment.

  3. That really sucks.

    If you take it to a techie they may be able to transfer your files if the only corrupted files are in your operating system. I doubt you did anything wrong. I get the feeling that some of hard drive segments were damaged and that can happen from brown outs to just getting old.

    Good luck. The game is not over until you say it is. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

    • Thanks Emaginette…my husband IS a techie. I still have my fingers crossed. Now I am using a dinosaur of a laptop and, since the internet on it is as slow as molasses in the middle of January, I really am going to be able to get some writing done! No checking emails, my twitter feed or anything else. HA!

  4. My heart sunk to my stomach from just reading the title. It’s a good thing you did have some stuff backed-up. Going forward quadruple save and sync everything. Loni mentioned all the useful tips for cases like this so I’ll just mourn your electronic loss.

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