Being Torn

I’m torn. I’m torn about a number of things.

I’m torn about my status as a writer. I get this way from time to time.

calendar-on-waterDecember seems to be a throw away month for me in the area of my writing. The past two years I was treading water from my experience with NaNoWriMo and didn’t have the will or the strength to pull myself up on a lifeboat to write. In a way January has turned into a recovery from December. Just like the past two Decembers, I did not write a thing worth keeping in either January. But I wasn’t drowning. It was more like I was floating around on my back enjoying the quiet of the water around my ears and just how prune-y my fingers could get.

Now it is February and I will have a guilty conscience if I don’t put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). February is the swift kick in the rear that flings me into the new year. January is nothing.

I’m also torn about some news.

Yesterday I heard that a sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee will be published this summer. When I first read that my heart leaped into my throat. That one book single-handedly introduced me to a world outside of my own and one, as a small town Southern female, I knew so well it was like looking in a mirror. It is THE book of all books I hold up as my favorite (yes, even above Pride & Prejudice).

For a long time I have known that the public life was not something Harper Lee enjoyed. She did not write that book to become famous or to have people like me pour over the story in an obsessive way. It was too much for her. I also remember her saying she wouldn’t publish anything else. So, the report that a new book was coming from her camp surprised me.

Now I am wondering if, as a woman in her eighties, is it really her wish to have this book put out for the world to see. A great part of me doubts it. As much as I WANT to read it, I wonder if I should.

Are you torn about anything today? How is your writing or other goals for this year going? Are YOU going to read the new Harper Lee book?

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The group was founded and is led by our captain, Alex J. Cavanaugh and his merry co-hosts. This month they are: Gwen Gardner, Dolorah, Sarah Foster, and M. Pax!

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12 thoughts on “Being Torn

  1. I read To Kill A Mockingbird a couple months back, and I know most people consider it a great classic, but it’s not really the kind of thing I want to reread over and over. So, probably won’t read the sequel because of personal preferences.
    And with everything that demands to be done in December, it’s understandable that writing gets a little harder. I got into a slump that lasted until the first half of January. Anyway, happy reading (and writing).

    • Yes, December in itself is enough to make January a slump filled 31 days. The beginning of February is my new year starting line. Thanks for stopping by M.R.R.

  2. If its all true, and I hope it is, I’d love to read the sequel. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette

  3. Honestly, I would think if she wanted to publish her work without the media attention, that could be arranged. Her fans surely would be more than happy to accept that she wouldn’t do a book tour or press for a new book in exchange for having a new work by her…and would have been happy with that years ago, rather than her waiting all this time. She doesn’t even have to tour to promote the book…it will sell itself. There are many artistic types who don’t want attention–we just want to do our work, have others connect with it, and let that be that.

    • It will sell. There is no doubt of that. I guess I just feel protective of her in a way. She is one of my heroes and I would hate to contributein any way to something that would stress her. I’m still torn.

  4. You have to wonder – after all these years, she’s going to write another book? Maybe it really is what she wants.
    I’m torn just trying to keep up with everything that is happening now and will happen in the next three months.

  5. I do the kick back thing from Nov thru Dec, and always have a hard time getting re-started again in January. Always so much to do, making decisions gives me a head ache 🙂

  6. mpax1

    The rest of us should forget about releasing this summer because of Harper. 🙂 After I finish a big project, I often have trouble getting back in the groove. I’m trying to stem it off this time by having multiple projects in process. We’ll see.

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