Leanne Ross

Read-Faced-ProfI’m a not so young Young Adult Fiction writer, constant reader, loyal wife, homeschooling mom, past life public school teacher, hippy environmentalist, crafty artist, devout vegan and southern transplant living in the north.

I’ve got a day job, but in my heart I’m a writer. I love to create and read Young Adult Fiction with a fantastical thread. It’s fast paced, it’s entertaining and when it’s done right, it grabs you so hard you can’t break free until the wee hours of the morning (the book is to cover the bags under my eyes).

Join me for book recommendations and tidbits about my life (in writing and BEYOND).

FAQ about my website:

Q: How do you say Read Faced?

A: That’s easy. The word “Read” is pronounced like the color (red), not like the grass (reed). There’s no trick for the word “Faced.” It’s pronounced just like you think.

Q: What in the world does Read Faced mean? 

A: Well, it’s a play on words using a fairly common phrase.  Normally if you say someone’s red-faced you mean he’s blushing or embarrassed.  That’s not the case here.  When I have a red face it usually just means I’ve been out in the sun to long.  For my blog that focuses a lot on reading and writing,  I thought I would replace red with the homophone read to suggest I’m a reader or that I constantly have my face in a book.  Hence, Read Faced.  I hope that makes sense. If not, I’m really embarrassed…or…red-faced.

If you have more questions or wish to contact me, please visit the CONTACT PAGE.


7 thoughts on “Leanne Ross

  1. Shrien Alshabasy

    Hey! I’m a YA writer as well! Love your blog!

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