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2015, Hachette Book Group
DPFHolly Black is fast becoming one of my favorite authors. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown and Doll Bones pulled me in head first. Now I’ve been wrapped up good and tight in the grips of Holly Black’s writing expertise, all thanks to her latest novel.

The Darkest Part of the Forest is Holly Black’s adventure back into the world of fairies. The story is set in modern times in a quaint little town called Fairfold. While tourists come to see the beautiful horned boy asleep in a glass coffin there, the people of the town know to be wary of what the fair folk can do.

The story centers on the lives and friends of two of these locals. First and foremost, we have Hazel Evans. She fancies herself a knight bound to protect the town from what dwells in the darkest part of the forest. Her older brother Ben was given the gift of music by the fairies, but he has no idea how to control it. Their friend Jack is a changeling who has one foot in the mortal world and the other deeply rooted with his fairy family. Of course, there is also the horned boy that everyone comes to see. When he wakes up, everything changes.

This story isn’t as heart racing as The Coldest Girl In Coldtown nor is it as disturbing as Doll Bones. It has a charm to it though, that is decidedly Holly Black. She takes great time in developing this world. I appreciate that. Some might find the pace slower with a lot of flashbacks, but I think the story needs this. If you like Holly Black’s writing, even a bit, and are interested in a good tale full of fairies, I recommend this book.

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DOLL BONES by Holly Black

2013 Margaret K McElderry Books

For Halloween, I wanted to share another book with a bit of scare to it. Last year it was The Coldest Girl In Coldtown by Holly Black. The vampire feel to that one is perfectly tantalizing without being over the top terrifying (I just can’t read terrifying before I fall asleep at night).

DOLL BONES by Holly Black

DOLL BONES by Holly Black

Since I loved The Coldest Girl In Coldtown so MUCH, I went back to the pool of stories from Holly Black for another round. This time I read the award winning Doll Bones. I’m glad I did.

Doll Bones is the story of three friends on the cusp of growing up and leaving behind their childhood. Alice, Poppy and Zach are long time friends. They create elaborate worlds full of adventures to act out with their toys. These stories are always made-up quests for the Queen, a bone china doll locked away in a glass display case in Poppy’s house.

The day Zach’s father decides to throws away his action figures everything changes. Too hurt and embarrassed to tell the girls what happened, he puts an end of the games. Zach offers no explanations and avoids their questions.

A few nights later Alice and Poppy pay Zach a visit. They tell him that the doll they refer to as the Queen is really made from the bones of a dead girl. Unless they want to be haunted, all three of them will have to put her to rest. She is sending them on a real quest.

What I loved most about this book, besides Holly Blacks writing, is that there’s no clear-cut answer about the existence of the ghost. Is Poppy’s story about a possessed doll true or is she just wanting the game to continue? We are left to our own conclusions as to what really happens.

Doll Bones is a coming of age story where the kids are trying out being grown. The haunted aspects are never overdone. I found it all creepy and endearing at the same time.

Read more about Holly Black and her writing on her website,


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